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Malaga (2016)
Malaga is currently preparing its bid to be named European Capital of Culture for the year 2016. Distant though it may seem, the aforementioned date in fact marks the turn of a Spanish city to be unveiled before the rest of Europe and the whole world as European Capital of Culture for the year.

Malaga boasts a multi-millennial cultural heritage and the city have retained the same vocation for welcoming a wide spectrum of different peoples since its foundation nearly three thousand years ago. Indeed, from the times of the Phoenicians, enterprising merchants who discovered sailing as a vehicle for communication and progress between peoples, right through to the present day, in which our city is perceived by the world as a melting pot of international, domestic and local culture alike, Malaga’s cultural heritage has embraced both its past history and its current development, and, with your help, the city is more than capable of presenting its bid and being proclaimed European Capital of Culture 2016 when the accolade is awarded in 2012.

In order to achieve this aim, we need everybody, not only malagueños by birth or adoption but also all those who believe in our city, to lend us their backing and show their support for Malaga.
As Mayor of Malaga, I would like to take this opportunity to ask you all to send us your support either by post or via this web site so that in 2016 we can fulfill our dream of being European Capital of Culture.

Mayor of Malaga