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Malaga (2016) - The Organisation

The proclamation of Malaga as “European Capital of Culture” for the year 2016 would provide the city with the opportunity to carry out a year-long cultural programme focussing on the richness and diversity of the different European cultures.

In order to achieve this, all of the city’s institutions and inhabitants must join forces in order to come through, one by one, all of the trials inherent in a lengthy process that will culminate in the designation by the European Council of the city proposed by Parliament to share, along with another from an Eastern European country, the honour of being cultural capital ten years from now.

We have time, then, to prove in fair, enriching competition with other Spanish cities, that Malaga, with its historical roots, cultural diversity and profound “Mediterranean vocation”, is more than capable of providing a world showcase for Europe’s cultural riches and the common elements that characterise them.

The responsibility for this task does not fall to a single institution, the City Council; it represents a challenge for all of the citizens of Malaga, who must make full use of all of the human and media resources available to convince those charged with considering our bid that Malaga is a cultural reference point for the entire European Mediterranean region and a meeting point for two continents, Africa and Europe, which today more than ever need to get to know and understand each other better.

The people of Malaga will need the support and solidarity of all of their political, economic and social representatives in order to work together in this exciting adventure.

Ex Member of the European Parliament